SCO Collaboration Process

Process that enables partners to work better together


73% of operators, manufacturers and distributors involved in the creation of this best practice identified “A Collaboration Process” as one of the top outputs needed.  Why? – because working together more effectively is a logical step to better communication and better results.

The new SCO Collaboration Process outlines an approach for stakeholders (operators, manufacturers, distribution) to be more effective and efficient through improved collaboration.  The core elements driving this process are alignment on common goals, greater sharing of insights, issues and ideas for improvement, the creation of specific initiatives that will drive supply chain optimization, and working together in a more transparent way to achieve success.


Collaboration is the way of the future.  The old “buyer-selling” relationship does not allow companies to tap into each other’s full value.  Common goals, sharing of insights and working collaboratively to drive a mutually beneficial solution is the most effective way to drive results.


Stakeholder can share and discuss the Collaboration Process as part of a business review or joint business planning session.   Ask your internal team and trading partners these questions:

  • Do we sit down and establish shared-common goals for optimizing our supply chain? Should we do it differently?  If yes, how?
  • Do we share our issues, opportunities and insights about what needs optimizing?
  • Should we have a joint brainstorm session to identify areas that can be improved and solutions to fixing them?
  • Are we being transparent? Are we sharing the right data in a timely fashion?  Are we truly working together effectively?

Work Sheets

Collaboration Process Worksheets